As Read on Car Talk

As Read on Car Talk

Man, do we get some wacko mail!

Collected right here is all the fine correspondence that Tom or Ray has read on the air on Car Talk. If you heard it on the show, you'll find it here.

December 20 In Defense of British Cuisine
December 6 Crime and Punishment: Polka Edition
November 29 Marital Trickery
November 15 News Item: Police Helicopter Stops at Krispy Kreme
November 1 Notes from Real-Life "Dilbert-Type" Managers
October 25 The Drunk and the Single Guy
October 18 Larry Walters Goes For A Flight
September 27 How to Drive on Washboard Roads?
September 13 One Woman's Facts About Men
September 13 Police Mistake Automotive Rat-gassing for Suicide Attempt
September 6 Really Bad Country Song Titles
September 6 Public Distrust of Mechanics and Hair Stylists
August 30 Can't Guys Be Right Even Once?
August 15 Faith and Begorra! Personal Ads from Ireland
August 15 The Joys of Teaching
August 2 You May Be Italian If...
July 26 The Exercise Diary
July 18 Some Very Punny Stories
July 12 Genie in a Bottle
July 12 Dear Professor, I Need a Grade-Change Because ...
July 2 Things You Would Never Know Without the Movies
July 2 Honk If You Believe This . . .
June 28 Signs Found in Kitchens
June 28 Sons Get Their Smarts From Their Mothers
June 21 Found in Your Car . . .
June 7 Signs Found at Businesses
May 24 Napping Found to Help Prevent Heart Disease
April 26 Letters from Kids
April 19 Memories of Mangos and Raymond in the Wrong
April 12 In Defense of MG Owners
April 5 Our Favorite Similies and Metaphors
March 29 Things I've Learned from My Children
March 29 Help Wanted: Time-Traveling Companion
March 15 Adult Ed Classes for Men
March 8 Car Talk Just Might Be Good For Your Health!
March 1 The "I'm Stupid" Sign
February 22 Ads from Craigslist
February 15 Do I Need a Click AND a Clack?
February 8 "The Surrendered Wife"
February 2 A Smart Mercedes
January 26 Questions to Ponder
January 19 Civility, or a Rebuke to Car Talk Hate Mail Writers
January 11 Keep Straight at the River
January 4 Learn More Better English

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