As Read on Car Talk

As Read on Car Talk

Man, do we get some wacko mail!

Collected right here is all the fine correspondence that Tom or Ray has read on the air on Car Talk. If you heard it on the show, you'll find it here.

December 28 The Fiat Mileage Prank
December 21 Obfuscated Christmas Carols
December 14 Not for the Orthopedically Queasy
December 7 Car Dealers - Least Trusted!
December 7 Avoiding Car Talk!
November 30 Italian Study
November 21 Words of Wisdom from Mom
November 21 "Dealerships without a Clue" Department
November 17 Hemorrhoids on the Increase
November 9 Shop Till You Drop (in Size)
November 2 New Words!
October 26 15 Famous Sports Quotes
October 19 Madeline's Quest: The Search for Eccentricity
October 12 Who's Driving?
October 6 You Know You're Italian If...
September 28 How to Have Fun in Retirement
September 21 The Sad Truth About Duct Tape
September 14 Unfaithful to the Puzzler?
August 31 Silence That Surgeon!
August 31 A Tale from the Birthday Cake Files
August 31 A Few Painful Puns
August 25 Marital-Automotive Woes
August 25 The Clever Wife
August 25 World History According to College Students
August 17 Best Epitaphs of All Time
August 3 Dealing with a Car Salesman
August 3 Average American's MPG
July 27 Boycott Our Lousy Show!
July 27 Why It's Good to Be a Woman
July 20 Gender Equality (or the Lack of It) at Car Talk
July 20 Barbecue Truths
July 13 Grand Prix... in Jersey?
July 6 Where's My Car?
June 29 Wacky Warning Labels
June 22 Only God Knows...
June 8 A Few Incredibly Lousy Puns
June 1 More Signs You Need a New Car
May 25 A Few Thoughts to Ponder
May 11 A Little Knowledge Can Be a Dangerous Thing!
May 4 Signs You Just Might Need a New Car
April 27 Why the General Motors - Peugeot Partnership Bodes Well for GM
April 20 Women: Marry a Man Uglier than You!
April 13 A Lesson in Assertiveness Training
April 6 A Darned Good Reason for Wearing Underwear
March 30 The End of the Road?
March 30 An Especially Lame Joke
March 23 Old Dart, New Dart
March 2 An Insincere Invitation
February 24 Our Favorite Foreign Signs
February 17 More Jokes about Women and Marriage
February 10 A Distracted Driving Tale--and a Question
February 3 An MG Dating Faux Pas
February 3 Like the Sign Says...
January 27 Pop Music and Dementia
January 13 A Few Handy Metric Conversions
January 13 Does Car Talk Affect Mental Acuity?
January 6 Observations on Aging

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