As Read on Car Talk

As Read on Car Talk

Man, do we get some wacko mail!

Collected right here is all the fine correspondence that Tom or Ray has read on the air on Car Talk. If you heard it on the show, you'll find it here.

December 31 The Wonderful World of Autolinguistics
December 9 A Case of Automotive Karma
December 3 A Few Choice New Words
November 18 Department of Painful Headlines
November 12 Auto Slogans That Never Caught Fire
November 5 Gender Benders, Grammatically Speaking
October 29 Great Quotes About Dogs
October 29 'Check Wallet' Light
October 22 "Daily Savings Time"
October 15 A Ferret up the Trousers
October 8 Car Talk: Not Such A Good Test Prep
October 1 How the Supreme Court Emulates Car Talk
September 24 The New Car Talk Mid-Show Alarm
September 17 Bogosity, Defined at Last!
September 17 A Bad Case of Auto Hubris
September 10 More Famous Last Words
September 10 Volkswagen "Mans Up" the Beetle
September 3 Puzzler Vacation Time
September 3 0 - 200 in 4 seconds
September 3 Chuck's bad day on the road
August 27 Car Talk Promotes Physical Fitness
August 27 Proper Brownie-to-Mechanic Ratio
August 27 The World's 19 Shortest Books
August 20 Could life get any harder?
August 20 Volvo Dope Slap
August 20 The Puzzler's Work Ethic, Questioned
August 13 The NPR Café
August 13 Enhanced Customer Relations
August 6 More Clear Signs You Need a New Car
August 6 Re-Released Boomer Tunes
July 30 A Car Classified
July 30 "Hey, Watch This" — A True Story
July 30 Love and Rust Spots
July 23 Famous Last Words...
July 23 The Ford Is My Auto, I Shall Not Want Another
July 23 Novel concept for increasing MPG
July 16 If you do nothing, how do you know you're on vacation?
July 9 Study links astrological signs with driving habits
July 9 Avoiding Our Lousy Show
July 2 Driver's Test... Updated
June 25 How to Impress Your Wife with Car Talk
June 18 How Not to Cook Sausages
June 18 On Forgetting the Puzzler
June 11 Shakespearean Car Reviews
June 4 Job Applicant Faux Pas
June 4 Haikus for Jews
May 21 Signs that Your Guy Should Not Be Wielding a Set of Tools ...Around the House
May 7 The party to end all parties
April 30 Car Talk Goes Under the Dash with Bill Kramer
April 23 Unconventional English Measurements
April 16 The Lawyer and the Mule
April 9 How to Remove an Engine
April 9 Great Newspaper Headlines
April 2 About the Knock-Your-Socks-Off Myth
March 26 Older Siblings Are Smarter
March 5 Aging Is a Matter of Perspective
February 26 A Yugo... in the living room?
February 19 Personal Ads from the ...London Review of Books...
January 29 Another Automotive Confession
January 22 Best and Worst Comments Taken from the MIT Course Evaluation Guide
January 8 A Few Email Thought Provokers...
January 1 Automotive Confessions

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