As Read on Car Talk

As Read on Car Talk

Man, do we get some wacko mail!

Collected right here is all the fine correspondence that Tom or Ray has read on the air on Car Talk. If you heard it on the show, you'll find it here.

December 26 Worst Analogies in High School Essays
December 19 Irreverent Thieves
December 19 Dartmouth in Need of More Math Puzzlers
December 12 Slightly Fractured Hanukkah Songs
December 5 Actual Headlines
November 28 Two Bear Scientists
November 21 Things You'll Never Catch Dad Saying
November 14 More Great Comebacks to Pickup Lines
November 7 Things Mom Would Never Say
October 31 Accidental Accident Reports
October 31 Molly Gets A New Car
October 17 You Know It's Time to Diet When...
October 10 The Cost of Growing Tomatoes
October 2 The world's funniest jokes?
September 26 Great Quotes from Steven Wright
September 19 A Woman and a Man Meet on a Train
September 19 Responses to Lousy Pick Up Lines
September 12 Worst Opening Lines Ever
September 12 Proper Brownie-to-Mechanic Ratio
September 12 A Course in... Stupidity
September 5 Automotive Haikus
September 5 Stealing Your Thunder and Deja vu
August 29 A "Grammy and the Cake" story - from Ireland
August 29 Things we've learned from the movie industry
August 29 Painful puns (though blissfully short)
August 22 Male-Female Translations
August 15 Dealing with a Car Salesman
August 15 Right Person, Right Job?
August 15 Corollaries to Murphy's Law
August 8 Treat Us with Silent Contempt, Please
August 8 Auto Repair Magic
July 25 Fun Things to Do in an Elevator
July 25 Real Excuses Received by Schoolteachers
July 18 All Time Most Confounding Puzzler?
July 11 Advice for Americans Traveling to France
July 11 Bad Puns
July 4 Why Dogs Are Better than Men
July 4 The Ford Is My Auto, I Shall Not Want Another
June 27 Horses Not to Bet On
June 20 Reasons Why Some Men Choose Dogs Over Wives
June 13 Ray Goes Out On a Limb
June 6 Math and word equations
June 6 Craig Damrauer
June 6 Does Car Talk affect mental acuity?
May 30 Ireland's Worst Driver
May 23 Our Effect on Vegetables
May 16 Our Favorite Fiat Jokes
May 16 Department of Inadvertent Educational Benefit
May 9 Wisdom from Woody Allen
May 9 New Use for Your Show
May 2 Beware the Mother Tongue...
April 25 A Pain in my Ears
April 18 Ingenious Financial Planning
April 18 The Many Benefits of Car Talk
April 11 Marital Wisdom from All Over
April 11 Categorizing the Car Talk Podcast
April 4 Signs That Your Company Is Going Under
April 4 Licensing the Snort?
March 28 The Perils of Cigars in Pipes
March 28 The effect of your show on my lizard
March 21 Andrew's Auto Parts Predicament
March 21 Sleep Deprivation in Iraq - and Car Talk
March 14 Handy Latin Phrases
March 7 Better Identification of Stupid People
February 28 Legal Observations
February 21 Mechanics rank above car salesmen in honesty poll
February 14 Questionable Wisdom
February 7 The Department of Full Disclosure
February 7 Last Voices?
January 31 A poignant elephant tale (well, sort of...)
January 31 A Strange Coincidence?
January 24 Ken's Automotive-Relationship Bind
January 17 The Wisdom of Groucho Marx
January 3 Polka Punishment
January 3 Truth about Arup Gupta

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