As Read on Car Talk

As Read on Car Talk

Man, do we get some wacko mail!

Collected right here is all the fine correspondence that Tom or Ray has read on the air on Car Talk. If you heard it on the show, you'll find it here.

December 20 The stupidest holiday gifts, ever
December 13 Our Pre-Recorded Snorts
December 6 Nuvo-Etymology Department
November 29 Lawnchair Pilot, Larry Walters
November 29 Tommy's New Theory of Learning
November 22 Sheep Who Love Car Talk
November 22 Sheep and Car Talk: A Research Project
November 22 Yet Another Benefit of The Car Talk Podcast
November 15 Rejected Dissertation Topics
November 8 The sexiness of parallel parking
November 1 Sheep Who Love Car Talk
October 25 Car Talk: Child Sleep Aid
October 18 Signs Tom's too old to be on the radio
October 18 Avoiding Car Talk
October 11 Marital-automotive woes
October 4 Car Talk Promotes Physical Fitness
September 27 Handy Latin Phrases
September 20 What's the proper etiquette for pumping gas?
September 13 Forgotten Wedding Anniversary
September 13 Style Invitational: Altering Famous Literary Passages
September 6 Alternative Ways of Calling Someone Stupid
September 6 What My Mother Taught Me
September 6 Understanding Engineers
August 30 A new word
August 30 More Signs You Need a New Car
August 30 Bulwer-Lytton Lousy Fiction Winners
August 23 Interesting facts about Car Talk Emails
August 23 All Time Most Confounding Puzzler?
August 16 Actual Lines from Resumes
August 16 Which Brother Is Gambling?
August 16 Average American's MPG
August 9 Puzzler Water Rescue
August 9 Turning Emissions into Diamonds
August 2 Notes from Real-Life "Dilbert-Type" Managers
August 2 Tommy's List of "Phrases to Live By"
August 2 The Return of the Fabled "Andy Letter"
July 26 You, Too, Can Learn to Sing the Blues
July 26 One Way to Remove an Engine
July 19 Vincent Van Gogh's Relatives
July 12 Work Etiquette
July 12 You May Be Italian If...
July 5 How to Impress Your Wife with Car Talk
July 5 The Ford is My Auto, I Shall Not Want Another
June 28 Classic George Carlin
June 21 What can happen when you follow Tom and Ray's Advice
June 7 You know it's time for a new car when...
May 31 "Alle, schau zu!" What happens when a German barbecue goes haywire
May 31 On Forgetting the Puzzler
May 17 Forgive Me Tom and Ray for Framing You
May 10 You just might need a new car soon if...
April 26 Apologizing for a Car Fire
April 5 Women: Marry a Man Uglier Than You
March 22 Rose Goes to Heaven
March 15 The Wisdom of Homer Simpson
March 8 Oddest Book Titles Ever
March 1 You Know You're a Loser When...
February 23 Great Discoveries on Craigslist
February 9 Who's Driving, Anyway?
February 2 A Distracted Driving Tale - and a Question
January 26 Names of Horses Expected to Have Undistinguished Careers
January 19 The Best Country and Western Song Titles of All Time
January 5 Hemorrhoids on the Increase

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