As Read on Car Talk

As Read on Car Talk

Man, do we get some wacko mail!

Collected right here is all the fine correspondence that Tom or Ray has read on the air on Car Talk. If you heard it on the show, you'll find it here.

December 31 Wasting Another Perfectly Good Hour
December 31 A Christmas Story (Sort Of)
December 17 The Lousiest Car Ever
December 17 The "Two-Hat" Cold Remedy
December 17 The Benefits of Having Three Halves
December 10 A Few Choice New Words
December 3 Egyptian Driving Rules
November 12 License Plate Lingo
November 5 A Ferret Up Your Leg
October 29 The Proposal for Daily Savings Time
October 22 Linguistic Anthropology Department
October 15 The Sky Is Falling
October 8 A Gas Saving Tip
October 1 What Nuns Drive
September 24 Car Talk and Narcolepsy
September 17 How the Supreme Court is just like "Stump the Chumps"
September 10 Puzzler Vacation Time
September 10 Under the Knife with Car Talk
September 3 Kids Say the Funniest Things
September 3 Fan Mail (If You Can Call It That)
September 3 Top 19 Rejected International Sports Team Names
August 27 Subtle Slams
August 27 A Son's Letter
August 27 Quantum Mechanics and Wrong Information
August 20 A Court Fine
August 20 Top Ten Ways to Know Your Midlife Crisis Is Over
August 20 0 to 200 -
August 13 A Son's Love
August 13 A Mercedes Mid-Life Crisis
August 13 The Puzzler's Dubious Work Ethic
August 6 It's Good to be a Woman
August 6 Ann's Complaint About Nick's Camaro
August 6 Eloquent Insults
July 30 Aging Is a Matter of Perspective
July 30 The Dysfunctional Section of a Hallmark Store
July 30 Jetta Driving Ass
July 23 Gender Equality (and the Lack of it) On Car Talk
July 23 You Know You're from Boston When...
July 23 Re-Released Boomer Tunes
July 16 A Clever Wife
July 16 What the Unmotivated Are Doing for You
July 9 Your Driving Record and Your Astrological Sign
June 18 Tommy's favorite new lawyer joke
June 11 Zen Judaism
May 21 The Great Outdoors
May 21 Request from Lorna
May 14 More Ukranian vowel humor
May 7 Women and wedgies
April 16 Incredibly Lousy Puns
April 16 Husband 1.0.
April 2 here
March 26 Redneck Sayings
March 26 Five Tips for a Woman
March 19 The Benefits of Owning a Yugo
March 5 A Joke from the "Hope Springs Eternal" Department
February 26 Great Imponderables
February 19 A Unified Theory Explaining YOUR BRAINS!
February 12 Something to Offend Everyone
January 22 Metric Conversions
January 15 Mouse in Pants
January 8 Another Automotive Confession
January 1 A Fun Game
January 1 Did you know this?

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