As Read on Car Talk

As Read on Car Talk

Man, do we get some wacko mail!

Collected right here is all the fine correspondence that Tom or Ray has read on the air on Car Talk. If you heard it on the show, you'll find it here.

December 18 Wasting another perfectly good hour...
December 11 Automotive Confessions
December 4 Rusting Car
November 27 Automotive Confession
November 20 My Wife
November 13 Tips for Northerners Moving to the South
November 6 Hahvahd & MIT
October 30 Red Sox Use Tom & Ray's Philosophy to Win World Series
October 23 Kids Say the Funniest Things
October 9 Teacher Arrested
October 2 A story... at someone else's expense.
September 25 Ho Family
September 11 Questions to Ponder
September 11 A Professor's Jetta Judgement
September 4 Consultant Humor
September 4 Accident-Prone Names
September 4 Elegant Insults
August 28 The Dysfunctional Section of a Hallmark Store
August 28 Jetta Driving Ass
August 28 Forensic Psychiatrist's Jetta Theory
August 21 Clever Wife
August 21 Life in Various States
August 21 Stealing Your Thunder and Deja vu
August 14 Exercise
August 14 Mouthful Gets Metro Passenger Handcuffs and Jail
August 14 The Style Invitational; Week 560: The 97.5-Meter Dash;
August 7 Fan Mail (If You Can Call It That)
August 7 Top 19 Rejected International Sports Team Names
August 7 "How I Met My Wife"
July 31 Perspectives on aging
July 31 bumper stickers for women
July 31 What the Unmotivated Are Doing for You
July 24 Painful country music song titles
July 24 Kansas and pancakes
July 24 "She was so blonde..."
July 17 Volvo Dope Slap
July 17 A Really, Truly Bad Pun
July 10 Boycott Car Talk!
July 10 Definition of Barbecuing
July 3 A Bone to Pick
June 26 Declarified Proverbs
June 26 Woman over 40
June 19 Bugsy's letters from summer camp
June 12 The Year's Best Headlines
June 5 Lost the Argument AND the War
June 5 Car Dings
May 29 Exceptionally Painful Word Puns
May 22 The Party to End All Parties
May 15 New Lawyer Joke
May 8 Husband-Mart
May 1 Pat calls Tom and Ray on the carpet.
April 24 Gun It!
April 17 More Lousy Puns
April 10 Assertiveness Training
April 3 2004 Version of You Might Be a Redneck if...
March 27 Larry Miller's Quotes on Aging
March 13 Louis Casimir Jr., Obituary
March 6 Husband 1.0
February 28 Incredibly Lousy Puns
February 21 A letter from Monsieur Gigi
February 7 Five tips for a woman...
January 31 Redneck Sayings
January 3 Cynical Sayings

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