As Read on Car Talk

As Read on Car Talk

Man, do we get some wacko mail!

Collected right here is all the fine correspondence that Tom or Ray has read on the air on Car Talk. If you heard it on the show, you'll find it here.

December 15 Report:98 Percent of U.S. Commuters Favor Public Transportation forOthers
December 8 MetroSnack Patrol Puts Girl in Cuffs
December 1 Words of Wisdom from Mom
November 24 Very Special Edition Automobiles
November 11 Turning Emissions into Diamonds
November 4 Notes from Real-Life "Dilbert-Type" Managers
October 21 How to Know If You're Italian
October 14 How to Recognize a Girl Car
October 14 Roman Numerals
September 30 A Real Man's Chain Letter
September 16 Elevators
September 9 The Joys of Being a Teacher
September 2 Conflicting Car-O-Scopes
August 26 Decade of the "Naughties"
August 19 Ways to Measure a Butt
August 12 The Wisdom of Supermodels
August 5 Love and Rust Spots
July 22 Tommy's List of "Phrases to Live By"
July 15 Warning Labels
July 15 Thinking Quiz
June 30 Gender English (Women and Men)
June 23 Effect of Gender on Car Repairs
June 9 One-liners to Live by
May 27 When Your Wife Looks Like a Truck...
May 27 La-Z-Boy Tester
May 20 Job Applicant Faux Pas
May 6 Useful English System Conversion Units
April 29 Dilbert's Salary Theorem
April 15 How to Remove an Engine
April 15 Best Newspaper Headlines of1999
April 8 Funeral
March 25 Boat Joke
March 18 How Do You Decide Whom to Marry
March 11 Ways to Measure a Butt
March 4 Better Identification of Stupid People
February 26 Learn More Better English
February 19 Letters from Kids
February 5 Smart Mercedes
January 29 Volkswagen Bus
January 22 Truth About Arup Gupta
January 15 Worst Car of the Millennium Nominations
January 8 I Have a Problem...

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