As Read on Car Talk

As Read on Car Talk

Man, do we get some wacko mail!

Collected right here is all the fine correspondence that Tom or Ray has read on the air on Car Talk. If you heard it on the show, you'll find it here.

December 25 Road Kill Cafe Menu
December 25 Martha Stewart's Holiday Calendar
December 18 More Allegedly True Statements
December 18 Congress Passes "Americans With No Abilities" Act
December 11 Puzzlers -- Answering the Economic Crisis
December 5 Larry Walters Goes For A Flight
November 21 Exercise Diary
November 14 Good Grief: It's The Pilot
November 7 Explaining How Aircrafts Are Able to Fly
October 30 Dog Quotes
October 30 Things You Would Never Know Without the Movies
October 23 US Government Property Auction
October 3 God's Total Quality Management Questionnaire
September 25 Teaching Math
September 19 Public Distrust of Mechanics and Hair Stylists
September 4 The Puzzler Speaks!
August 21 The NPR Cafe
August 8 Steven Wright's Expressions
July 24 The Football Exam
July 17 The School of What?
July 10 1950's Home Ec--The Good Ole' Days
July 3 Travel Advisory: The French.
June 26 Honk! If You Believe This.
June 19 News Release--From API, UPI, CPI, Reuters and all the ships at sea
June 13 For Shame, For Shame!
June 13 Letter From the President (MIT, that is)
June 5 Ready, Set, Pave!
May 29 Out of the Woodwork: The Sylvia Poggioli Defenders
May 1 Car Talk -- The Existentialist Approach
April 24 Phone Numbers We Won't Be Dialing Anytime Soon
April 17 Microsoft Patents Ones and Zeros
April 10 The Bogus Bill
March 13 Bruce's theme song: Styx's "Too Much Time on My Hands"
February 27 More Deep Thoughts
February 13 Top 10 Changes at NASA to Accommodate 76-Year-Old John Glenn's Return to Space
February 6 Destructo Machine
January 30 Like the Sign Says...
January 2 Holiday Diet (circa 1997)

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