Ray's Vacuum Cleaner Repair

The Puzzler

RAY: Anyway, my wife comes into the house and I proudly proclaim that I've fixed the vacuum cleaner and made it lighter --

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: -- and I invite her to press the button. And she does. And the question is, what happened? Well, I'm sure most of you would expect that the thing burst into flames or vibrated itself to death. But I gave a hint and the hint was: I was chewing on an apple and the apple should remind you of whom?

TOM: William Tell. Adam and Eve.

RAY: Well, one, yeah, three guesses. This is --

TOM: A doctor.

RAY: You get three guesses for a quarter.

TOM: I got three. I got the three most obvious things.

RAY: You got, what if an apple hit you in the head? Who would that remind you of?

TOM: Isaac!

RAY: Isaac Newton, there you go.

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: And I was reminded of Newton's third, second or first law of motion. I think it's the third, which says, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

TOM: Oh, that's why you were eating the apple.

RAY: That's why I was eating the apple. It was a hint.

TOM: Oh, a hint.

RAY: And when she hit the switch, the fact that I had removed this hunk of iron made the vacuum cleaner behave in a peculiar manner.

TOM: Sure.

RAY: The motor started turning in one direction and the whole vacuum cleaner --

TOM: Turned in the other direction.

RAY: Turned in the other direction.

TOM: Started doing flips on the kitchen floor, right?

RAY: Ripping the cord out of the wall, creating all kinds of sparks at which point --

TOM: And a fire.

RAY: At which point my wife said, good work, Hon. So they had put the weight in for a reason.

TOM: Yeah, I guess so.

RAY: I guess so.

TOM: It wasn't the sleazeball marketing types; it was the sleazeball engineering department.

RAY: Anyway, so who's our winner?

TOM: Well, the winner is John Harding from Washington, DC.

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