Ray's Mysterious Gas Station Chat

The Puzzler

RAY: I thought I'd start the new fall puzzler season off with a quasi-automotive puzzler.

Last month, when gas prices were at their highest, I stopped off one day at my friend Paul's gas station to get tanked. Up.

While he filled my tank, we talked about world affairs, sports, the latest Fall fashions in the automobile repair industry, the state of the auto repair business, and cars in general. I listened to his lament about how much it cost to fill his underground tanks.

When he had finished filling my tank, and I was about to leave, I made a statement. I said something like, "Gee, it's really getting harder and harder to do these days, isn't it"?

Get your mind out of the gutter, because I know what you're thinking.

TOM: I can't say that it didn't cross my mind.

RAY: He agreed. He said, "Yeah, it is." Another customer, who was pumping his own gas, heard my statement, and also agreed with me. He added, 'And, it's not likely to get any easier."

The question is, what was the "it" I was referring to?

Think you know? Drop Ray a note!

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