Ray's Mysterious Gas Station Chat

The Puzzler

The question was, what was the "it," I was referring to? Well, the "it" I was referring to, is stopping the gas pump at an exact dollar amount.

TOM: Yeah, like 20 bucks.

RAY: Right. Because as gas prices continue to go up, those pennies go zipping by awfully darn fast. You're at $10.90, and just when you're thinking about letting go of the nozzle, you're past 11 bucks.

Of course, it's going to get harder as gas prices continue to go up and up, which we know they will because, what?

TOM: Every price goes up and up.

RAY: Right. Do we have a winner?

TOM: Sure we have a winner. Our winner this week is Andrew Elkin from Latham, New York. And for having his answer selected, at random, from among the thousands of correct answers that we received, Andrew is going to get a $26 gift certificate to the Shameless Commerce Division at cartalk.com

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