New Theory of Learning

Wow! You talk about hitting a nerve. A few weeks ago, we "published" Tom's Rant and Rave about his New Theory of Learning. And did we ever get feedback-- from students, teachers, college professors and and just people ruminating about their educational experiences--or lack thereof. This might be an idea whose time has come. We're publishing some of the responses we got. You'll notice that Tom started to comment on them, but obviously he got tired (or had to get back to the Caffe Paradiso for a refill).

Seriously though, if this really is an idea whose time has come, where do we go from here? If you're interested, read through this stuff. It's very good. Let us know of any ideas for taking the New Theory the next step--whatever that may be. (Note: We've deleted full names and e-mail addresses, since it seemed that people might get into trouble with the establishment. But, Tom has offered to be the go-between for any substantive exchanges of ideas.) We'll add new stuff as it arrives.

Followups to this rant:

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