Rambler's Alternator Light Mystery

The Puzzler

RAY: Here's what he did. In -- lots of cars are set up like this -- he moved the heater control valve, which has connected to it at one end a little lever you move ...

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: And at the other end, connected by a cable, is a valve which allows water to pass from the engine to the heater. And when he did this, the water pump, which had been causing a slipping belt, all of a sudden had so much less drag on it that the belt, which was slipping and causing the alternator light to come on, went off, because now the belt was not slipping because he had reduced the ... the pressure in the flow, just ...

TOM: Oh, no. Bogus. Oh, bogus.

RAY: Every week I struggle to come up, and what am I met with? "Bogus"?

TOM: No, boooo-gus. But we do have a winner. We got a guy named Dr. James Randolph.

RAY: See? See? See?

TOM: He's a doctor. James Randolph from Long Beach, Mississippi.

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