A Puzzler of Olympic Proportions

The Puzzler

RAY: This is the debut puzzler from my 'Track and Field series." A fellow named David Johnson sent it in. I, of course, had to fool around with it a little bit.

TOM: In other words, he won't even recognize it.

RAY: If I hadn't used his name, he wouldn't have known it was his! Here it is:

An athlete competing in the Olympic Games puts forth a record-setting performance in the long jump.

Not only does he record the longest jump, but he sets a world record as well. His jump is accepted into the record books, and no one has jumped farther than this fellow.

But, he does not win a gold medal. In fact, he does not win a bronze medal, or a silver medal. He wins squat.

TOM: But it's Olympic squat!

RAY: That's another event: the squat! There's the squat, the jerk - you should compete in that one! I didn't know they had an Olympic event just for you! What's the jerk doing? He's doing squat!

Anyway - the question is, why doesn't he win a gold, silver, bronze, or any kind of medal, despite having a record setting jump?

Think you know? Drop Ray a note!

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