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Putting the miles on someone else's car...

renting, road trips
Dear Tom and Ray:

I read your recent column from someone named Heather. She was trying to decide whether she should drive to New Orleans or fly to New Orleans. I thought you and your readers might be interested in our solution to a similar problem.
My husband's brother and his wife and my husband and I wanted to go to from Texas to Las Vegas. Due to the health of our elderly parents who we take care of, we needed to have some flexibility around when we would leave, so the air fares were quite expensive.
Since both couples had relatively uncomfortable two-door cars, we decided to check out car rentals. We were able to rent a brand new Lincoln Town Car from Hertz. We had it eight days, we put 2800 miles on it, and it cost each couple only $217 including gas.
Needless to say, we were very pleased. The car was a delight, large and roomy, and we were able to enjoy a comfortable drive through some beautiful country. It's certainly an option we'll consider next time we decide that driving (someone else's car) is the best way to go.

TOM: Great suggestion, Mary. I've always been a big fan of putting the miles on someone else's car.

RAY: Yeah, I know. He took MY car last time he went on vacation.
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renting, road trips

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