A Pumping Puzzler!

The Puzzler

RAY: This was sent in by Burt Fury. Here it is:

One day I pulled into a gas station, just off I-85, outside of the historic village of Hillsborough, North Carolina, where I live. As I began to pump gas, I glanced over at the gentleman at the next pump and observed something that led me to believe that he was not from the state of North Carolina. In addition, I knew immediately what state he was from. He was about to speak to me but I spoke up first and said, 'Let me guess, you're from blank.'

'Yes!' he replied. 'How did you know that?'

The puzzler is, what did I observe and what state was he from?

Now, I did not see his license plate or inspection sticker or other marking on his car that would give me any clue as to what state he was from. Nor was he wearing any clothing, such as a baseball cap or college sweatshirt, that would have led me to believe he was from a certain state.

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