The pros and cons of a convertible: Don King vs. a Ginsu knife.

convertibles, Chrysler, LeBaron
Dear Tom and Ray:

Next year I am buying a new car. I have been admiring the Chrysler LeBaron for some time. Also, I have always wanted to own a convertible. I think the LeBaron convertible is a beautiful, classy car. Please give me the pros and cons of a convertible, as I have heard many drawbacks from people, none of whom have ever owned one. Thanks.

TOM: Kathi, you should definitely go for it! There's nothing like riding in a convertible....the sun on your back, the wind in your face, your hair standing on end like Don King!

RAY: Yeah...all that road noise, the poor visibility when the top's up, the squeaks and rattles, no protection if the car flips over, and a passenger compartment accessible to any thief with a Ginsu knife.

TOM: Don't listen to him, Kathi. He's another one of those wet blankets who's never owned a convertible. I've always had convertibles. And if fact, I think the Chrysler LeBaron is a great choice. It's a nice size, it comes with an air bag, it handles surprisingly well, and I happen to know that you're going to look great in it.

RAY: One more thought, Kathi. You know all those bird droppings that end up on the roof of your car now? Where do you think they're going to end up when you're driving a convertible?

TOM: Don't listen to him, Kathi. Just wear a hat.
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convertibles, Chrysler, LeBaron

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