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RAY: And...the answer is if you go back two terms, the previous term -- the last letters of the alphabet are z, y, and x in reversed order. So it would be x+y and the term before that would be x-x.

TOM: Oh, Sonia ??

RAY: Tara Lapinsky's tutu...x-x is zero rendering the whole expression...

TOM: Zero.

RAY: Zero.

TOM: See this is the kind of question that could be on the SAT exam.

RAY: Yeah.

TOM: And knowing nothing you would know that the answer is zero.

RAY: Because you couldn't possibly figure out...

TOM: Because you couldn't possibly figure out anything else. So if zero were one of the options, you just check it off without even thinking.

RAY: Well, when I first saw this, I had -- my first guess was one; the second was infinity, and the third was zero.

TOM: Was zero. Yeah, so you got it wrong twice. That's good.

RAY: Anyway who might our winner be, Tommy?

TOM: Ah, our winner might be Perry Lewis from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, and it might not be.

RAY: But it might be.

TOM: But it might be Perry Lewis from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

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