President's Day

The Puzzler

RAY: What makes me so sure I can guess at least one of them on the first try? I think I'd preface this by saying this is for the kids in the audience.

TOM: Kids, huh?

RAY: Well, I think so.

TOM: Kids are supposed to know this?

RAY: Well, if it hadn't been Monroe, if Monroe hadn't been one of the three--he was the fifth guy--

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: That's the guy he's guessing.

TOM: Ohhhh.

RAY: If he hadn't been...

TOM: Why would you have to say that?

RAY: Why would you say three of the first five? The thing would have said three of the first four. Monroe must be one of them. Otherwise...

TOM: Well...well...

RAY: No, well, nothing!

TOM: Well, he could be!

RAY: Well, you could have said three of the first 20!

TOM: Exactly!

RAY: Well, that would have been pretty stupid, wouldn't it?

TOM: Well, sure. But three of the first five--you could have said that just to obfuscate!

RAY: I know...

TOM: Well, it would be true!

RAY: No, he says he read it someplace. And wherever he read it would have said three of the first four if Monroe weren't among them.

TOM: Yeah, you're right.

RAY: Of course. Don't try to cloud the issue!

TOM: Yeah. He read it somewhere. If he read it somewhere...but if I were trying to trick you…

RAY: As you always are.

TOM: I mean, that would be a great way to trick you! I could have said three of the first seven. And you would have picked number seven, and you would have been wrong!

RAY: No, maybe...

TOM: Because it was Monroe!

RAY: Maybe he died on the Fourth of July too.

TOM: Is it true?

RAY: I have no idea. Did you check this, Catherine? You didn't check it.

TOM: I don't believe...

RAY: Mayer, did you check it? No. Berman, did you check it? No. Rogers? No.

TOM: Dennis? No.

RAY: It's probably alright with this. It's all right--we'll get more mail. Do we have a winner?

TOM: It doesn't matter because we have a winner anyway. The winner this week is April Ralph. I got confused because I thought it said Ralph in April. The winner this week is April Ralph from League City--what is this?--Texas.

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