Possibly His Greatest Achievement: How Steve Jobs Made Car Talk More Bearable

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Staff Blog | Oct 12, 2012

iPod? Cool. Mac? Awesome. iPhone: revolutionary. Making Car Talk more bearable? Priceless!
Dear Tom and Ray,

This past week marked one year since the passing of Steve Jobs. In listening to the news coverage about all of the wonderful innovations that Apple developed under his leadership, it occurred to me that one major innovation has been overlooked.

I received my first iPod as a gift about six years ago. Soon after that, I learned that I could download the Car Talk podcast and I have religiously listened to every single episode since then.  

Wasting a perfectly good hour listening to Car Talk.
Last year, I upgraded to a new iPod Touch. As I was listening to Car Talk, I noticed a small button on the screen, and on the button it said “1X.” "What's this?" I thought. So I pushed it.  What do you know? The button changed to say "2X,” and the podcast started playing at two times the speed, but I could still understand almost everything being said!

Wasting a perfectly good HALF HOUR listening to Car Talk!
It is impossible to describe how this has changed my life. I now waste only a perfectly good HALF HOUR each week listening to Car Talk! All of a sudden my performance at work has improved, I spend more time with my kids and my marriage has never been better!

Thank you Tom and Ray, for continuing to make such a great show. And thank you, Steve Jobs, for allowing me to not waste away so much of my life listening to it.

Best regards,
Kris Harper
Independence, KY

Thanks for your note, Kris. And if you're wondering what a half hour of Car Talk sound like... See below!

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