The Porsche 420?

Watch out Porsche owners! 

Thieves in Amsterdam have discovered that the headlights used in Panamera and Cayenne models have a different use than originally intended.

Too energy efficient for its own good! (Flickr/The Car Spy)Turns out these enterprising Dutchmen are using the headlights for their (cough, cough) "home gardening" projects.

Seems Porsche lighting performs better than purpose-built grow lights for marijuana plants. They put out as much light, but drawing much less energy. So, your neighborhood stoner can put that Porsche quality to work in his indoor pot farm, and reduce his carbon footprint at the same time.

We can just imagine the scene now. "Dude, check out the glow from that Cayenne! That would be so killer for a grow light...." And, as quick as you can say "Pass the Doritos," an (admittedly criminal) idea is born.

No wonder these plants are so small - those lights are stolen from a Yugo. (Flickr photo/Rusty Blazenhoff) Should Porsche owners elsewhere be worried? We say, probably not. So far it’s been fewer than 20 incidents and isolated to the Netherlands. And, a Porsche spokesman says it takes a “committed criminal” to escape with the headlights without the cars’ alarm systems giving them away.

If you’ve got more time to kill, check out this  video of a “committed criminal” in action: 

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