Polluting Young Minds

kids, our lousy show, mail bag
As if it weren't bad enough that an entire generation of adults have suffered through our lousy show, we're apparently also polluting the brains of America's future, too! Eight-year-old Jacob loves Car Talk so much that his mom, Laurie, has this to report, "He already adores you (quotes you, re-tells your jokes); now even more so!"

When it came time for Jacob's birthday, Laurie put the pedal to the metal and went nuts, creating a full-blown Car Talk bash!

How'd it go over? Pretty well, judging by Jacob's note to Car Talk:
At my party, we had crankshaft salad (rotini pasta salad), pushrods on buns (hot dogs), dipsticks (carrot/celery sticks), watermelon steering wheels and drank "radiator fluid" (bright green Hawaiian Punch). We finished off with a car-shaped ice cream cake that said "Car Talk" on it.
We played "Find the Lug Nuts," "Car Wash Relay," "How Far Can Your Power Steering Fan Blade Go?" and "How to Siphon Gas from a Gas Tank."
That was a fun party!
Hats off to Laurie for her amazing party planning skills-- and our deepest condolences to your family on your son's poor judgement! If this is any indication, it's going to be a loooong adolescence.

Jake cleaning up before the party. Mom: “What are you listening to?” Jake: “Car Talk!”
"Lug nuts" in "hubcaps".  
 Watermelon steering wheels.
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kids, our lousy show, mail bag

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