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The Puzzler

RAY: My friend Bob went back to his hometown for Thanksgiving last year and while he is at his parents house sleeping on the couch in his underwear, an old high school friend stops by to visit.

'Hey Bob, good to see you. Boy I bet it's been almost twenty years.'

'You look great,' Bob says. 'Tell me what have you been doing? I hear you've been running your father's gas station?'

'Yeah, but more important than that, I'm married," the friend says. "In fact, I married someone a year behind us in high school but I'm pretty sure you didn't know her. By the way, this is my daughter."

Bob looks down at the little girl who was five or six years old and extends his hand and asks the little girl her name.

'My mother and I have the same name,' she says.

'Oh that's nice,' says Bob. 'Then I guess your name must be Annie.'

How does he know?

Think you know? Drop Ray a note!

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