Pennies, Mittens and a Mask... Oh My!

The Puzzler

RAY: You're sitting at a table with a bunch of pennies on it. Some are facing heads up and some are facing tails up. You're wearing a blindfold, and you're wearing mittens so that you can't actually feel the coins and tell which side is facing up. If we could trust you, we'd let you do it without gloves.

TOM: Well, you know me. I always sit around with mittens and a mask on anyway.

RAY: I will tell you that a certain number of the pennies are facing heads up. Let's say 10 are facing heads up.

TOM: You're telling me there are a bunch of pennies in front of me and 10 of them are heads up?

RAY: Right. With your mittens on, you can move the pennies around, you can pick them up, you can put them down again, you can shake them, you can do whatever you want.

Here's the question: Is it possible to separate those pennies into two groups, so that each group has the same number of pennies facing heads up?

Part two of my question is: How do you do it?


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