Patrick's a Ford Man. But what about his engine?

Ford, F150, 1991
Dear Tom and Ray:

In your series on the ten best cars of 1990, you rated the Ford F-150 as the best pickup truck on the market. You did not mention, however, which engine you prefer for that vehicle. The 4.9 liter straight six and the 5.8 liter V-8 are of interest to me. Which do you prefer? I'm not planning any serious towing or heavy loading. I might haul a trash trailer to the dump now and then.

RAY: Gee, Patrick, I really like the 4.9 six cylinder engine. For most people--including you--it's really all you need.

TOM: But if you do buy this truck, we should warn you to watch for signs of Pick Up Truck Syndrome (or PUTS, as it's known in the trade). That's when perfectly sane people buy pick up trucks and start getting uncontrollable urges to tow around boats, two car garages, three bedroom homes, and heaping piles of manure.

RAY: Of course, if you already have PUTS tendencies, the six won't be enough for you. If that's the case, go right out and buy the V-8.
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Ford, F150, 1991

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