The Path to Enlightenment

The Puzzler

A monk named Baba climbs a mountain to see the High Lama. He leaves at 6 A.M. He must reach the top by 6 P.M. There's only one trail, and he must not leave it.

Baba travels at varying speeds, stopping along the way to meditate, play with his Game Boy, etc. He never goes backward. At 6 P.M. he arrives, saying "Hi, Lama!" The next morning at 6, Baba goes back down. Once again, he stops to smell the flowers, eat a Twinkie, etc., reaching the bottom at 6 P.M.

Is there any point along the trail where he finds himself at exactly the same time on both days? In other words, is there any time when he is at the exact same spot where he was at that time yesterday?

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