Paint It Black

The Puzzler

RAY: This summer when I was on vacation I had an occasion to go to a yard sale. It was some old house. They had a barn and lots of old junk there and they were about to throw it all out and then...

TOM: They said, "Hey, Ray would like this."

RAY: So I received a personal invitation. But I found one interesting item. It was a headlight and half of it was painted black.

TOM: The front of it?

RAY: Yes, the front of it. Yea, the part that the light comes out of it. What is called the lens. I could not find a mate. It was the only one there. The only thing I noticed was that it was old and that it was a 6 volt headlight, which means it was at least 45 years old.

TOM: Can I have it?

RAY: And the question is why was the headlight painted half black?

TOM: I know the answer to that ... they ran out of paint.

RAY: The hint is where I was. I was on vacation on Cape Cod. The other hint is you wouldn't be likely to find one of these in say Chicago.

TOM: What about Cleveland or one of those other Ohio cities...

RAY: You wouldn't find a similar one in Dayton, etc..

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