To Our Fair City or Bust!

The Puzzler

RAY: Last month the Mondelli family drove from their home in New Jersey to Our Fair City and they stopped by the garage to visit us. They were somewhat disappointed to find out that Tommy wasn't at the shop that day, but they were all very understanding when I explained that he was taking the year off.

Anyway, after some careful questioning I ascertained that they had not driven to Our Fair City just to visit us; they were in fact here so that the two kids could attend the Future Geeks of the World Convention at MIT, our alma mater. Anyway, sensing my disappointment that we weren't the main reason for their trip, they offered a puzzler that they thought I might be able to use, especially if you consider the puzzlers I've used lately. So here it is:

"We drove up here this morning from our house in New Jersey. When we reached Connecticut, we pulled off the highway into one of those rest areas with a restaurant and, more importantly, bathrooms. We all used the facilities and got some snacks and we all walked around a little bit before getting back into the car for the second leg of our trip. Just before noon we arrived at your shop. We parked right down the street and here we are. Simple, right? Here's the question, what part of our car traveled the greatest distance from our house in New Jersey to your shop?"

Now I'm going to give a warning here. I don't anyone to get too esoteric, I don't want any equations, no references to the law of planetary motion, no discussions of the random motion of the ball at the end of the antenna or anything like that. So, to repeat, what part of the car traveled the greatest distance getting the Mondelli family from their New Jersey home and ultimately to our shop in Cambridge, Our Fair City?

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