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RAY: This was from my family relation series and was sent in by Jane Hinckley.

Anyone who has listened to Car Talk knows that we refer to Cambridge, Massachusetts, the city where both of us were born as what? Our Fair City. It's even part of our snail mail address, and, of course, the home of Car Talk Plaza.

Today's puzzler has to do with a man, who, like us, was born in Cambridge, MA, and his parents were also born in Cambridge, MA like our parents. He lived his entire life here in Cambridge, MA.

So let's review, the man in question was born in Cambridge, MA, just like us. He died in Cambridge, MA, too, just like we're going to do probably. And he may never have left. He's buried here, but here's the interesting part. This fellow was never a citizen of the United States and it's not because he chose not to be. He was never eligible to be a citizen of the United States and the question is, how could that be?

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