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RAY: This is for the kids out on summer school vacation so they can keep their little brains sharp. I didn't want to make it too difficult because, after all, summer is a time to renew, regenerate, relax, relearn, relate and all those "re-" things. This came from Lou Gottlieb.

Everyone knows what an omelet is, right? An omelet is made with scrambled eggs that are only scrambled in the bowl and not scrambled in the pan. An omelet is folded over.

I was at a restaurant the other day, and there was a sign that said, "All of our omelets were made with three eggs." And I looked at the menu and realized that there was maybe a puzzler here.

The first three omelets were cheese omelets: 7-dollars-45-cents; Bacon omelet: 7-dollars-70-cents.
Bacon and cheese omelet: 8-dollars-45-cents.

The question is: what's the plain omelet cost? (Just the eggs, no bacon, no cheese).

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