One Man's Gadget

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TOM: Well, the little gadget that you have been referring to is none other than the cellular phone. And yes, my car does have a cellular phone and I don't know the second part -- his name and all that stuff -- does he prefer HBO...

RAY: Of course it wasn't the cellular phone - it was the car radio.

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: Hard to believe, huh?

TOM: Yeah. And I was thinking that was the beginning -- and I agree with the distraction theory -- and it's interesting...

RAY: That was the beginning of the...

TOM: That was the very first thing put into a car that was not directly related to driving the car.

RAY: And they should never have allowed it because it opened the floodgates.

TOM: It opened the floodgates and now we have jerks eating bowls of cereal while they drive, talking on the phone, getting faxes, playing with their newtons... Yeah. You got it.

RAY: Exactly.

TOM: And all because of whoever this guy was which would be part B. Who was he?

RAY: Bill Lear, who of course is best known for inventing the Lear Jet and forming a huge corporation, Lear Incorporated. He's now left us. You may channel with him if you like -- he's on HBO tonight.

TOM: I will do that.

RAY: Anyway.

TOM: Yeah. Oh, now you are going to ask who's the winner.

RAY: Who's the winner? You don't know that? You don't have that part at the ready, do you?

TOM: I don't. No. Well I got it here. Wow I can't pronounce this. The winner is Dean Soclaeben (SP?) Wow!

RAY: How about Sock-Layben?

TOM: Socklaeben.

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