One thing you may have noticed about Tom and Ray. They can quickly turn any event - especially a miserable one - into a story. A funny story. Which then gets told over and over. We've collected those stories on our brand-new CD, Once Upon a Car Fire: The Greatest Stories Ever Told. Ready to laugh? You can hear a few story highlights right now.

If you like Car Talk, we humbly suggest that Once Upon a Car Fire is a CD you must add to your collection. You can buy a copy now in our Shameless Commerce Division.

These are stories that still make us - the jaded Car Talk staff - laugh every time we hear them.

Once Upon a Car Fire also got us wondering why is it that Tom and Ray love telling stories. So, one day after the show, we sat down and asked them that very question. We thought you'd like to see what they said.

Yours in stories, true and tall,

Doug (Subway Fugitive), David (Gibraltar), Louie (The Barbarian) and Doug (Old Grey Mayer)
The Car Talk Staff
Car Talk Plaza

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