Olive oil usually works for us.

Dear Tom and Ray:

In December of 1988, we purchased a 1989 Camaro RS. The surpentine belt on it has been squealing for a year and a half or longer. We've had it replaced hoping it would cure the problem, but it didn't. We're out $50 and it still squeals. We were told to use everything on the belt including soap, belt dressing, WD40, and olive oil! That stuff cures the noise for a day or so, but it always comes back. What do you think?
Jim and Jodi

RAY: Gee guys, the olive oil usually works for us. Maybe you weren't using Extra Virgin olive oil? We're partial to Felipo Berrio.

TOM: Actually, I'll bet the problem is with the automatic tensioner. There's a spring loaded pulley that constantly adjusts the serpentine belt's tension. If it's not working properly, no amount of olive oil--even if it's applied by Julia Child herself--is going to keep the belt quiet.

RAY: You need a new tensioner. If you've documented your complaints and your attempts to fix the problem, you should be able to get Chevrolet to cover this under warranty. Go into the dealership and squeal about it. Good luck.
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