Oh What a Day!

The Puzzler

RAY: We used to refer to our Associate Producer David Greene as Rainman due to his peculiar ability to effortlessly figure out a certain date's day of the week. Now he recently displayed this talent when I recently asked him if there was a conflict with the upcoming Fuzzy Dice Conference and our weekly court-ordered community service. He asked the date of the convention. It was April 20th, 2012.
"Oh, that’s a Friday," he said, effortlessly. "And your sentences have you committed for the next few dozen Wednesdays so you'll be able to go." And of course he was right.
One day a few weeks ago I asked out loud in the office about the date June 5th. And of all people, my brother piped up and said "Oh, that's a Tuesday."
"That's right," said David.
Well how about Ocober 3rd?
"That's a Wednesday," said my brother.
Then I asked about Christmas Day 2012.

"Oh, that's a Tuesday."
David nodded in agreement.
Do we now have two rainmen? Or had Tommy figured something out?

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