"O Brother, Where Art Thou?" Mix Up

The Puzzler

TOM: Boy, it seems pretty straightforward to me.

RAY: Remember the first line or two of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's famous poem, "Under a spreading chestnut tree, the village smithie stands, the smith, a mighty man is he, with large and sinewy hands." The first few words are crucial. A smithie is the building, so when Everett asks, "Any of you boys happen to be a smithie," he's asking them, --

TOM: Are you a building where blacksmithing is done and, of course, they couldn't possibly be.

RAY: Anyway, who's our winner?

TOM: Well, the winner is art historian Janet Schlog, from Chesterfield, Missouri, who says she goes by the nickname Moochy.

RAY: I like it.

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