By the Numbers: How Your Hour Is Wasted

mail bag
Ever wondered how that perfectly good hour you waste on Car Talk breaks down? Wonder no more! A listener with way too much time on his hands took it upon himself to find out.

Dear Tom and Ray,

I listen to your show every week, and save the ones I don't get to as podcasts. After years of listening to your show, I broke down what it is you do. 


We took Arnav's highly scientific findings and whipped up this little pie chart for all you visual learners out there.

Keen observation: We spend as much time giving out the phone number as we do providing actual advice.What do you think of Arnav's findings? Tell us!

P.S. Tom wonders why the time we spent on this pie chart wasn't used to make an actual pie. Key lime, to be specific. "And don't skimp on the whipped cream, you morons!"
Gotcha, Tommy.
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mail bag

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