Not Always A Waste of A Perfectly Good Hour

mail bag
Every now and than, we get a note from someone who not only hasn't wasted the hour listening to us, but manages to find some value in it. Here's one. We thought you'd like to see it.

Dear Tommy and Ray,

I have been meaning to write you to say thanks for almost 20 years.

In 1991, I had a cancer that we all thought meant that I had about six months to live. I had two little kids at home, and was pretty much in despair. I had a radio in the hospital, and somewhere in the background of my IV pumps and monitors and hospital hallways sounds, I heard you guys tell one of your ridiculous jokes and I laughed out loud.

I then realized that if I could still laugh, I could live out the rest of my life, however short that was going to be. Lucky for me, my cancer was rare and treatable, and I am here still laughing at your ridiculous jokes and enjoying my life. Please don't ever underestimate what you bring to your listeners through your humor and uncommon good sense.

I smile every time I hear you say, "You're listening to Car Talk."


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mail bag

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