Not All Mechanics Have Boats

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Turns out, not all mechanics have boats.

Some, it seems, have other forms of transportation. Consider this note from a Car Talk listener in South Carolina:

Subject: Boat payments

I wish you guys would stop talking about mechanics making boat payments all the time. I have an antique car. My mechanic makes aircraft payments.

--Rhino Guy, Greensboro, NC

See this parked behind your mechanic's garage? Check your credit limit! (Flickr/schnaars)So, the next time you see a guy driving a vintage heap down the road, think of him as a good samaritan enabling his neighborhood mechanic to enjoy a leisure-time activity that brings him great joy. Like flying his Beechjet 400.

There are exceptions to the rule, of course. Consider that Ray is usually the one to repair Tommy's '53 MG TD. Ray's plane? Airbus 330. Coach class.

Sounds like Tommy's behind on payments!
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mail bag

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