No Change for Ray

The Puzzler

RAY: Last week, we had just finished the show, and Tommy and I were leaving the building. We were walking by the official NPR-sanctioned vending machines, with granola bars and the like. I had a hankering for a candy bar. I reached into my pocket, and, luckily, I had a dollar bill.

As I approached the machine with my crisp dollar bill, I notice the thing says, "Exact Change Only." The candy bar I wanted was 95 cents.

I turn to Tommy, and I say, "Can you break a buck?"

Tommy reaches into his pocket, and says, "I know I have 6 coins. The 6 coins add up to $1.15. But I can't make change for a dollar."

I say, "Huh? Can you make change for half a dollar?"

Tommy says, "No."

I then ask, "Can you make change for a quarter?"

Tommy says, "No, I can't do that either."

"How about a dime?"


"A nickel?"


So, I say, "Can you just buy me the candy bar?" To which Tommy replies, "No, I can't do that, either."

The question is, what were the 6 coins in Tommy's pocket?

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