No-Brainer of a Non-Starter

The Puzzler

RAY: This puzzler came from someone named Rob, who used to work for Applied Logic.

TOM: Let me guess -- he's fired now.

RAY: Unauthorized use of company e-mail. Rob says:

My wife owns a 1992 Olds Achieva with a quad-four, five-speed-manual transmission and power everything. One morning, she's heading out to work, and her car won't start. I go out and listen as she tries to start the car. She turns the key. Not even a click. Being in a hurry, she takes my car.

I put the battery charger on her car, and later in the day, I go out and I start it right up. I drive it around a bit to charge the battery. Everything's fine.

The next day, the exact same thing happens. I find instructions for determining if there's a drain on the battery. There's no drain. So, I buy a new battery.

Still, the problem persists. I jump start the car and drive to the dealer. The dealer can't find a thing -- and charges us $10. We told them to let it sit there overnight and try it in the morning. They called the next morning and said what?

TOM: It started right up.

RAY: So, we go to the dealer. My wife gets in with her keys -- and it won't start. We're standing there scratching our heads -- at which point, I ask her, "Did you just buy something for your car?"

And she says, "Yes!"

What did she buy?

Think you know? Drop Ray a note!

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