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Nissan Murano (2012)

  • Smooth riding, with a comfortable interior and very comfortable seating.
  • Reminds us of any old station wagon from when we were kids: big, soft, handles okay, but it rolls a bit. There’s a huge amount of room with the rear seat folded down.
  • Engine is quiet and vibration-less.
  • Mechanism for folding the rear seats back is very easy to use and smartly designed, and doesn’t require complex electrical components that are slow and will eventually break and require a costly repair.

  • Interior controls are very much like what Infiniti has used over the years, with a touch screen and a single controller. While you might get used to it, it did force us to take our eyes off the road for uncomfortably long stretches of seconds to make common adjustments.
  • Feels big, with handling that is a bit cumbersome at times.
  • Sloped window in the rear limits cargo capacity for the sake of styling.

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