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Nissan Maxima (2013)

  • Great, smooth engine.
  • Nice. Infiniti-like, upscale quiet interior.
  • Good balance of comfort and handling, particularly on highway.
  • Has all the usual bells and whistles one would expect.

  • Calls for premium fuel.
  • The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), while overall very good, made the accelerator very touchy or “twitchy” at low speeds, such as when accelerating out of a corner in city traffic. We hope Nissan will offer a programming change to address this issue, in the near future.
  • “Wide thighs” styling in the rear: This is obviously intended to make the car look sporty, but it requires extra care when parking in tight quarters, since the rear-wheel fenders bulge out further than one would expect.
  • Limited trunk room.
  • Less expensive Altima is almost as nice.

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