Nice Yacht, Buddy!

Get a load of this!

Some employees at the General Motors plant in Elizabeth, Australia have been busy. VERY busy. Stealing boatloads of engines and transmissions, that is!

According to this report, engines built at Holden with a resale value of $10,000 were being hawked on the black market for $1,500-$2,000. Just how many are we talking? Oh, about $2.5 mil worth. And factory officials had no idea.
How is it possible for thousands of engines and transmissions to walk under the radar? Well, we sent our crack investigator, Jacques Hughes, to check things out. Below is his Official Car Talk Investigative Report!

Actual footage of a car halfway built at Holden:

This one's almost done, but don't take it out of the oven yet! (GM Photo)And this is what they look like on the way to the dealership:

Ready to drive right off the lot!If you look closely, you'll see there's a few things missing...

And the guy in charge of it all? We located him at his new address:

His boat -- the S.S. Sayonara Suckers! (Flickr image by nfleming)
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