New Math on the Home Front

The Puzzler

RAY: This puzzler was sent in by Paul Mulick. He writes,

"As a stay-at-home dad, I spend a lot of time cooking and cleaning. My four-year old daughter, Melynn, is at that stage where she always likes to lend a hand. So I usually give her some simple task to do. After all, if her two older brothers are any indication, in a few short years she won't lift a finger to help around the house.

"Now, Melynn knows her numbers, but she's still too young to understand math. The other day while we were making brownies, we had a conversation that went something like this. She said, "Daddy, is 60 more than 30?"

Yes", I said. "60 is more than 30."

She asked, "Is 60 more than a hundred?"

I said, "No, 60 and a hundred are the same."

"Oh." she thought. "How about 90? Is 90 more than a hundred?"

I answered, "Yes, 90 is more than a hundred."

All of my answers were correct. The question is, what were we doing?

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