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New Life Forms Discovered at Car Talk Plaza?

car talk plaza
High Voltage here. Every now and then at Car Talk Plaza, we hold an impromptu contest  -- 1) to see who is the biggest slob in the office, and b) to see if we can create new forms of life from existing organic matter. And this week, I WIN!

Check it out:

Not a slob, a scientist.Okay, I'll admit it --  I made that coffee...probably a month ago.  This will come as no surprise to my mother, who once employed a rake to clean my room.  And I'm usually the clean one around here, if you can believe it!

"Bongo Boy" Berman pulled a water gun on me and insisted that I post this photo.  (Aside to Boss: Turnaround is fair play! Watch your back...)
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car talk plaza

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