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This was sent in by a fellow named Charlie Sona from Cliffwood Beach, NJ.

He writes, "I was just watching a car commercial and it reminded me of an old puzzler. A few years back you had a puzzler that asked what is the only car model that's a plural noun." Now I should remind people that cars have two names a make and a model. For example, Ford Mustang, Buick Enclave, Honda Accord. Now all of those model names are singular. It's not Honda Accords.

When we came out with the original puzzler, we had one model in mind that was a plural noun. That model is still sold today and it's been on the market for like 20 years. To our surprise our one listener back then came up with another model that we hadn't thought of that was a plural noun. That car is no longer being sold today. Now we've noticed there's yet another plural noun model name that's on the market. This car was introduced in 2000. The question is what are the three models?

One of them is no longer made. It disappeared in the 2002 model year. Our original puzzler answer model car has been around since the late '80s and is still for sale. And the third has only been around since the year 2000. I'll give a hint. If you get one of them, you'll know the other two pretty easily.

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