True or False: Do diesel engines need warming up?

diesel, driving tips, myths
Dear Tom and Ray:

My neighbor warms up his diesel F250 pickup truck every morning for
20 minutes. He says he is "protecting" his investment, as he just got
a new $5,000 engine. I say he is killing his neighbors. I can't find
anything on the Net about warming up a diesel engine in San
Francisco. I've only seen suggestions that you warm up a car in
really cold climates. What's up with this? -- Sue

TOM: Has he made an offer on your house yet? I think he's trying to
smoke you out, Sue.

RAY: There's absolutely no good mechanical reason for him to warm up
his truck like that. It shouldn't need to be warmed up at all in that
climate. Ever. It's certainly not doing the engine any good.

TOM: All he's doing is wasting fuel and getting himself uninvited to
the hot-tub party you're having Saturday night with 24 of your
sorority sisters. Mention that the next time you see him, and see if
the light goes on.
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diesel, driving tips, myths

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