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Another guy shifting into Drive from Reverse without coming to a complete stop.

driving tips, transmissions
Dear Tom and Ray:

My husband and I agree that whatever you say goes. We have a Chevy Lumina minivan. My husband doesn't come to a complete stop when he has it in Reverse and switches to Drive, or vice versa. I say this is bad for the transmission. He gives me one of those "like you know" looks. Will this cause permanent damage to the car?

TOM: Of course it will, Debbie. You're absolutely right. And we're going to use your letter in our upcoming book "Why You Should Never Listen To Your Husband When It Comes to Cars."

RAY: It's due to be published right after our current book, "Why You Should Never Listen To Your Wife When It Comes To Cars."

TOM: Seriously, Debbie, what he is doing is very bad for the entire drive train. We wrote a pamphlet called "Ten Ways You May Be Ruining Your Car Without Even Knowing It" (by the way, if you want to order a copy for your husband, send $3 to ....). And shifting from Reverse to Drive before the car is stopped is right there in black and white as one of the ten ways!

RAY: So whatever we say goes, Debbie? We say your husband the passenger seat.
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driving tips, transmissions

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