Your petite granddaughter will need pedal extenders to drive your Chevy.

aftermarket parts, safety
Dear Tom and Ray:

My granddaughter enjoys driving my 1989 Chevy Celebrity, but is rather
short in stature. So even with the seat pulled up and a cushion behind her
back, she can only control the accelerator with the tip of her toes. This
not only makes it very difficult for her to control the car's speed, but it
is uncomfortable for her as well, causing cramps in her thigh. Is there
some sort of accelerator extender available that would solve this
potentially dangerous situation? -- Barbara

TOM: It does sound dangerous, Barbara. And there are several types of pedal
extenders on the market. There are "blocks" with non-skid surfaces that get
attached to the existing pedals. There are also "extension pedals" that
actually replace the pedals you have now. There may be other technologies
as well.

RAY: In extreme cases, you could even consider installing "hand controls."
Those are hand-operated accelerator and brake levers used for people with
disabilities that affect their legs or feet.

TOM: Or, in my mother's case, for someone who always wanted the feel of
riding a motorcycle, without experiencing the nasty effect the helmet has
on her hairdo.

RAY: Seriously, good for you for wanting to help your granddaughter,
Barbara. To find someone in your area who sells pedal extenders and hand
controls, you can call the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association
at 800-833-0427. That's a trade organization that will happy to refer you
to local dealer.
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aftermarket parts, safety

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